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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 12: 1/2/2017 OK Mailer Time Again

Haha man... this week has been interesting. Let me first start by apologizing for the despondency of my previous mailer, I was just tired and done with it all by then. It really wasn't a bad week, just kind of long. Anyway this week was really similar in many ways. Being the week between Christmas and New Years, just about everybody was gone, sick, busy, had family in town, etc etc etc. But at the same time, we did manage to make some good connections this week and meet some new people. Bishop Jarvis has been just about the greatest help ever. Again we don't have a ton to talk about though... just one of those weeks. Yesterday was super cool though and there is, at least, a little. So, here we go.

Alright so starting at the beginning of the week... we just didn't know what to do, our calendar was empty, we couldn't do effective finding with everyone gone and what not. We had a meeting scheduled at 2 with Bishop Jarvis to talk about some names. Then we got a text from someone we know who wanted a blessing for him and his daughter. We met with Bishop first and made some good progress. Then we did the blessing which was as always a great experience, went back to finish our meeting with the Bishop and went visiting some people. We scheduled a few things for the rest of the week. But still, it looked just empty. Then somehow... every day filled up little by little. That night we had a birthday party for a one year old to go to (his parents are getting baptized this Wednesday). We had fireworks and cake and played games. We had actually just had a huge dinner right before that... man it was a lot of food. Our lesson that night rescheduled and we had to just kind of make it up a little bit, but we had people to talk to and it was good.

The next day we had some service all morning, met some good people and went on some visits with Sis. Jarvis, met more new people. It was really a great experience. Then more contacting... we found out an investigator was in a car accident, ran into some more people, visited more people with the Bishop. Had an extra long dinner with the Grovers. That evening we had lesson that came up with the Bishop, then a lesson with some Recent Converts.

Same thing Thursday... no plans but things just kinda popped out of the woodwork. We played games with a kid who is getting baptized Saturday, taught a lesson to the T's and C, went and saw A. I'm so glad it's the Lord planning these things not me.  I couldn't do it on my own but somehow it just always works out. Oh right, that day we also got to see R for the first time in weeks. Then spent several hours at the temple. That helped out a ton.

I don't even know what we did Friday. But the same thing, we had people to find and talk to, we had some fun, but somehow it all worked out.

Then New Year's Eve. Basically we did our morning stuff and headed straight out to the Ru's and spent the whole day playing games with them before we had to leave and go to the church for our lock in with the district. We played with our drones. (Elder DeFord and Elder Connelly bought some cheap drones and flew them around the gym at the church.)My mom has a great video of Elder Gallegos reaction. Watched Ephraims Rescue, ate pizza, and just had a good time. We had survived the week from the hot place down under.

New Year's Day we were allowed to sleep in until 8:30. That was cool. We only went to a couple of sacrament meetings, although we did speak in 3rd ward. To be fair, it was a missionary homecoming, so we basically just bore our testimonies at the end after he took the whole meeting. It was pretty fantastic. Then another miracle in scheduling happened. So it all started when our dinner for Monday canceled, which was perfect because A, who we were gonna see today, could only do tomorrow (Monday) at dinnertime. Since he wasn't today, we had time to meet with R even though her car broke down (that was a miracle lesson all by itself! She finally opened up and is ready to progress after trying to get a hold of her for several weeks with no success) and it made time for our dinner today who ended up moving back half an hour to 4:30 right after we finished with R which would've been right in the middle of our lesson with A if he hadn't rescheduled, and at that dinner we got a new investigator from his aunt and uncle... yeah that kind of thing happens pretty frequently... did you follow all that? Super cool. Then there's today. Tada. This week is looking up!

Love you all
Elder DeFord
Elder DeFord, Emilio, Elder Connelly

Elder DeFord and Elder Connelly after 3rd Wards Sacrament Meeting

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