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Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 15: 1/23/2017 Wait .... Transfers?

Yes before anybody else decides to blow up my inbox about transfers...I'm staying and I'm getting Elder Skaggs. Fun little bonus... I'm also the designated driver now. So that'll be fun. Elder Skaggs is the one I was talking about who got called out at the morning devotional at the Christmas party because he was in her class... should be fun. (I don’t remember him telling this story, so I asked for more details) Well the morning devotional at the Christmas party was being taught by a professor from BYU. She mentioned at the beginning that he had been in her ancient scripture class when he got his call... then throughout it she would ask if he could remember different things she'd taught him... and the answer was normally no. It was super funny. He was sitting right behind me.

Ok so I talked about my crazy Monday morning last week... but we survived and still managed to do things, that's what's important. Then between a couple meeting in the evening and a late dinner and a
baptismal interview, we really didn't do much that day. It was kind of nice. Tuesday was super good though, picked up the last thing I needed to go try Tuning my first piano. Went and played another piano to prep for a baptismal interview, had a great interview and performed silent night and Oh holy night (a little out of season I know but I made promises that sickness forced me to delay... I had to do what I had to do!) Anyway, quick lunch and then the interview and performance. The interview was great, she did fantastic, and the songs were pretty great. Not perfect but ok enough I guess. I think she recorded'll have to get that from her though. I'm not setting it up for you :P good luck ;P
Then we got to have a meeting with T! Woohoo. Haha I love that guy, he's working on activation and is way deep doctriny... so much fun. His fiancé was there this time too, so that was even better :) unfortunately everyone else canceled on us that night so we went finding.... but it gets better the more I do it, I swear ;P luckily we needed to have another meeting about the baptism so we got to go and do that. Super nice.

Wednesday in addition to normal stuff... house inspections. Haha not that those are hard at all but it's always fun getting things cleaned up. Then Piano Tuning... for 3 hours. Whew. And I tuned just barely over one octave. And some of them need re-tuned. That's actually the biggest worry.... I don't know how long my Tuning will last, there's a special skill called setting the pin that piano tuners develop over their entire careers... I don't know if I'm any good at that. It's basically just a special way to twist it to make it stay... I guess we'll find out tomorrow. We went on splits like normal for Wednesday nights. My temporary companion and I.... yeah we went to New Beginnings (a special evening for the Young Women). That was more than a little strange. And nothing really came of it, we were supposed to meet a potential investigator... but she escaped.

Exchanges again Thursday... like I said, I'm getting really good at Spanish. I taught in 3 Spanish lessons and sang in Spanish twice... by the end my head was pretty tired from trying to follow it... plus a cold I picked up that morning. But it was super good, great district training meeting, fantastic district lunch with the Porters, then some contacting and lessons. I learned a ton just like I always do from exchanges. Good stuff :) we also got some interesting news though...a car fast for Friday. Apparently in the first 18 days of year there have been 12 accidents incurring major damages... so no cars on Friday. Woot.

Luckily Friday is weekly planning which takes off some of that load. We started just visiting people in our trailer park to save time, then we got a couple rides around so it wasn’t too bad. We actually had some great unplanned lessons, got two new investigators and put them on date. Then got to go to the temple with A. in the evening, talk about a great day! :D

Yeah, good day.

Saturday was pretty easy... finished the piano Tuning... baptism number one... dinner.... baptism number two... good stuff. C had to get dunked twice and S a whopping 5 times... but it was a super good experience all around. Really these are the best kinds of days!

 And Sunday was a good day of course. Had some super good lessons and stuff, good finding, a fantastic dinner. All good stuff. It's been fun and next week will be another new adventure! :D

Elder DeFord

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