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Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 11: 12/26/2016 Post Christmas Mailer

Ok let's get something straight.... holidays kind of suck as a
missionary. And not necessarily in the way you would think. Missing
family and friends and stuff... not too big a deal for me. But as a
missionary, everybody has family in town, or is out of town, or
sick... it's just hard to find people to teach who aren't affected by
all those things so you can actually teach them. Grr, as a result I
don't have a ton to talk about from this week. It almost feels like we
were just trying to get through the week to Christmas and this week is
likely to be similar I think. Hopefully January should be more normal
at least. But yeah here we go.

So Monday was a pretty normal boring Monday, nothing too terribly
exciting. We did laundry and went to Lowes and what not so not bad...
just not fantastic either. Just kind of meh.

And we didn't really have any plans for proselytizing that evening so
we just kind of had to visit people and hope they were home and we
could do something. That actually been super common this week. We
spent a lot of time at A.'s house.

Tuesday we had some chores to do at least... and then we had some
baptism interviews... and more visiting people and saying hi and
stuff... and everybody passed their interviews... I also have been
playing the piano a ton... just getting ready for the talent show
stuff for the mission Christmas party on Thursday. But still, it feels wrong
to be sitting on my butt playing the piano when I could be working....
it's been a frustrating week.

Wednesday was a little better... we had a full evening planned...
more baptism interviews again, everyone passed, and we got to have
another lesson with A. which was nice. Everybody else cancelled
though. Oh we also had district training meeting that morning... so
that was kind of productive at least. And then at about 10 that night
I got a txt from some sisters... haha I'm now in three things in the
talent show. Tada. Oh and my voice is blown out and I'm getting a
throat cold so I can't hardly talk. And I'm supposed to sing
tomorrow... yikes.

So Thursday was the Christmas party, I already feel like a frog
croaking so this will be interesting. I'm accompanying a sister on an
arrangement of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief on the violin. The
arrangement is by Craig Petrie so the accompaniment is pretty
ridiculous, these long multi octave 8th note runs... yeah all sorts of
fun stuff. Haha don't get me wrong, it was a great challenge and I
really enjoyed it, more time might've been nice though. And being able
to practice with her ahead of time... Then I told the APs that I would
do something by myself as well because almost no one had signed up,
but that was only a couple days before so not much time to polish up
something presentable, then the night before as I said I got a txt, to
accompany a couple other sisters. Also unrehearsed. Then as we went up
for that one... Sister Merenda said, and I quote "I decided I don't
really want to do that one, we're going to do silent night instead.
That's ok isn't it?" As we're walking to the front to begin. Yikes.
But everything went fine. The violin performance with sister Nichols
was great, not perfect but fun, my solo was interesting... frogs in
the throat make singing interesting. But it wasn't bad. Just
interesting, many people were very positive... which if you know me
you know is kind of awful... anyway, Silent Night was also fine,
luckily I've been working on my own arrangement of that for prelude
and what not so it was pretty. Then we did some other stuff, watched
It's a Wonderful Life, oh and I skipped the devotional at the
beginning, it was all about Mary and her role in the first Christmas,
it was pretty cool. Anyway then the rest of Thursday and Friday
basically became bouncing back and forth between members house picking
things up, trying to contact investigators, planning... all that fun

So my voice just kept getting worse, I've barely been able to talk the
last couple days although it is slowly getting better. Christmas Eve
was fun. We got a txt from the investigators getting baptized that
M. had slipped and fallen and hurt her face so the baptism needed to be
postponed. So we just stopped at the K.'s and spent some time with
them just chilling. Then the Ru.'s and played some dominion with
them. And the Ro.' were after that, we had some great gumbo,
played a bunch of games and got pajamas so that was fun.

Christmas was pretty similar. We went to three sacraments as normal
and listened to the same songs three times... and couldn't sing for
any of them. But there were people there and it was good. Haha sorry
I'm not very eloquent today. Seems like I already told all these
stories... man skyping is weird. Writing is just kinda hard. I'm ready
to move on to next week already... although this week will likely be a
lot of the same... haha like I said holidays suck. But it is what it
is I guess. And I'll add some pictures I guess... I dunno. I wore baby
blue pants to church... got lots of stuff from random people... just
need to be a missionary now. Sorry that's not too exciting, oh then we
had traditional danish Christmas food and watched It's a Wonderful Life
again with a less active part member family who are super cool... well
we'll see what happens. Ok I'm done. This letter is awful but I don't
wanna write any more so you're stuck with it ;P email me if you want
details about things. My email is You have to be specific though ;P

Elder DeFord

Elder DeFord's Christmas present to his family

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