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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 7: 11/28/2016

Alright well... holiday weeks are weird for missionaries. This was probably our least productive week since I've been out. We had a follow up trainer/trainees meeting Tuesday morning. That was several hours. Then we had District training meeting in the afternoon cuz we had President interviews which were awesome. So that was pretty much all day. Then Wednesday was kind of normal... ish. But everyone was getting ready for turkey day so we just kind of went around contacting referrals all
day... we did find someone cool but I'll talk about that when I get to the Christmas Initiative. Then Thursday... that was great. I should get some pictures from some other Elders sometime today and
I'll add those. But yeah we slept in... oops. Then I played Ultimate for 2 hours. One of the Elders, Elder O'reilly, actually played in school and on his state team. It was fantastic. I got a little torn up
but it was sooo worth it. Then we just had dinner with a family and then played games at some different homes. Somehow... Bishop Jarvis and his whole family had no idea what Phase 10 was... so needless to say, they are now hooked. Last Monday I downloaded like 40 Sally songs on my iPad so now I can play whenever which is great.

Friday then was just sharing the Christmas Initiative with basically everybody we come in contact with. So if you don't know what it is, listen up. Go on and click on the picture of baby Jesus and Mary. Watch the video. Then do the stuff. Basically, it's an advent calendar that describes the life of Jesus Christ, each day focuses on a different aspect of his ministry and service and gives ways to emulate him. So go forth and do! Also this is my next level commitment that I've extended to everyone we've talked to. As you serve everyday, whoever you go serve, invite them to join with you,
show them the video and invite them to follow the example of the Savior. I know that as people reach out to others and invite them, the spirit will spread, love will spread, and we will all rise together.
As the Quakers say 'I'll lift thee, thee lift me, and we'll ascend eternally'

Do it


Go on.

You can read the rest of my crap later, just go do it already.

I'm waiting.

Alright so cool story about the Initiative...

Ok so this is an excerpt from my letter to president this week and I'm not editing it so it may not make total sense but.... deal with it.

"One in particular... I think it was Wednesday, we were just biking around contacting referrals when we pass a woman unloading groceries. We helped her then talked to her for 30 minutes to an hour, she's a less active member who moved not too long ago and has decided she really wants to start getting back into the church. Super high energy and super aware of the Lords influence in her life and His constant care for her and guiding her. We promised her we'd come back Friday and share the initiative because she kept talking about how she was looking for a way to focus on Christ and talking about how much she wanted to serve... wow. Golden. So we stopped by Friday evening and
just had an incredible lesson with her and her family, and it was exactly what she was looking for. Then the next day we had a similar experience with some one else."

Saturday was super slow. Just visiting people we missed Friday, did some service, Skype into a baptism. Nothing too crazy. I ate more thanksgiving leftovers that day than I did actual thanksgiving the day before if you can believe it. Sunday was cool though. Mostly just two things. So I sang in 4th ward, and somehow got roped into singing in 3rd ward. Oh right and we helped ordain our soon to be missionary friend to the Melchizedek priesthood then his farewell was Sunday. Also I got this sweet pair of pants from his dad who is kind of like Rob and is gonna take us to Goblin Valley in a couple weeks. You'll see the pants just be patient. Anyway so after all that stuff Sunday we had an awesome lesson with V and M, they're Armenian and Georgian respectively.

Anyway...So... do I speak really fast or is it a Washington/west coast thing? I never really noticed in the MTC until Elder Montoya who is a drama kid and specializes in accents and impersonations, went through and described the different ways we all talk and he described mine as a little faster and something else. I didn't really believe it but then he did it and he sounded.... normal. It was weird, but after hearing him impersonate me I realized how much slower most other people talk.... then with V and M, mostly M who is hard of hearing and doesn't speak English as well... oops. I had to get reminded to slow down a couple times.... haha it was a really fantastic lesson though.

I love being a missionary.

K. Picture time. Here we go.

With Bubba because hes awesome

Drama Llama

More Drama Llama

Elder Connelly and Elder DeFord

Herd of sheep (obviously)

Turkey Bowl with Elder O'reilly who played Ultimate Frisbee in high school and college

Turkey Bowl with Elder Duncan who has never played Ultimate Frisbee but kicked trash

New pants and suspenders. Woot!

I'm cool!

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