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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 5: 11/14/2016

Ok so this week has been interesting already. I'm starting this on Wednesday (11/9) because my companion/trainer/district leader is doing a training that takes like 3 hours. So after I left you all Monday, we had several great recent convert lessons. We're working with a brother and sister who are... interesting. They actually got baptized in March, but never received the recent convert lessons. The area got whitewashed (both Elders get moved out and two brand new ones go in) soon after they were baptized. That just makes it even more important that I do everything I can, that I love them, and take care of all the people I can. I promise I'm doing great, it's really awesome.  My district is good. 

Anyway same deal, yesterday (Tuesday, 11/10) we had some really good lessons, but the morning was kind of weird. We were super excited to see the R family, the people I was talking about last week. We were all set to teach his daughter so she could sing in the primary program but they flaked on us. They went out to dinner when our lesson was supposed to be so we came back later... and we thought he was gonna drop us. We all sat down around the table and he just started talking. Thankfully, as he continued to talk, he really opened up and shared some of his concerns and we found out that on top of everything else, there were some major issues that he was confused about, things like baptisms for the dead and becoming like Heavenly Father. But we talked about everything, and it ended up being an incredibly spiritual and sweet experience. We made a lot of progress and our relationship is so much stronger. I'm grateful, so grateful for that opportunity. 

Ok yeah... the rest of the week has been pretty good. I honestly don't remember a ton, we had a ton of lessons, did some service, met lots of people. The change in people hearts is really incredible to watch. And the food is great all the time. Bro. R’s daughter got to be in the primary program, which was awesome in so many ways. The mom is less active but we got the family to come and be part of it. I also sing next week in 14th ward and I'm getting scheduled in 4th ward sometime soon. We finally got in with some people this week who we'd been having trouble contacting. There's one family that's less active but the mom basically just came and said, “Hey we want our boy to be baptized and get back into church.” We're helping them with that. We also got back in with the UFC fighter, but he's gonna be gone for a week doing his trial for his second degree black belt or something. The man is incredible. He asked us all about how the church started and Joseph Smith and stuff at the end of our last meeting, we just have to start with the restoration next time. It’s really interesting because he has dealt with a lot of substance abuse type issues, so he's an AA mentor and goes around the country doing talks and keynotes and stuff about how it affects people, how to be free. He talks at schools, jails, all sorts of places. He's so cool, I just worry that his analytical world side is going to keep his testimony is check.

Anyway life is good. I got a free Frisbee, and we're going to play with some scouts in a couple weeks. Woot :D also my weight has remained a total constant. Not getting fat over here :P ok I think that's good enough... it was just weird cuz I started Wednesday...

So.... I get to see D (someone he taught while he was in the MTC) on Saturday. Like in person. Which is way exciting! There ended up being 6 missionaries at that meeting, plus one of his 'adopted' granddaughters who's an RM: me and my companion, the APs, plus a senior missionary couple. So I didn't get to say much, but I am sending him the Garden to listen to and I got to see him again which was great. We also accidentally left the mission... ooops. We get to see a general authority on Wednesday and an apostle in the beginning of December I think. 

“Mormons? I thought they were just a choir.” Quote of the Day from a lady we had dinner with who was telling her conversion story.

Alright see ya, ask away, love you all

Elder DeFord

p.s. Ok sorry I totally forgot, I probably have to explain about my companion this week. So he is Elder Polar Bear, I think that's just what we're going to keep calling him. If you really want to know his name and stuff, he's the back-to-back national wrestling champion, heavyweight Greco style. There ya go. And he's a giant Polar Bear. So he's the one really working out with our UFC fighter. Haha I try to keep up but it's tough for sure. He's from Oklahoma and is several months younger than me. He's been a member since he was 11 and he also went to Catholic school his whole life so he knows a ton about their religion which has been super nice. There ya go. That's Elder Polar Bear in a nutshell.

Elder DeFord

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