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Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 4: 11/7/2016

Sorry about no email last week. We ended up
being pretty busy all of Tuesday and not having any time.
Thankfully President is on top of things and took care of all you
worriers :P It sounds like he was like a multimillionaire, uber successful
businessman before he became a mission president. That's just what
I've heard though I don't have any solid evidence. Sis. Hodgman is a
great cook though. We had homemade tortellini our first night in the
mission home... wow, it was good! There wasn't nearly enough though :P
I ran into Elder Minson, he came out with me, and the day I entered
the field was Elder Barfuss' last day. Kind of a bummer though cuz he
was super chill. Also it turns out if I want to teach D. I have
to become AP... oh right I never did tell you about D., did I?

Ok so D. is seriously like my favorite person in the
world. If I could adopt him as an extra grandpa I totally would. He's
about 74 and is the best whistler I have ever met. He works as a TRC
at the MTC. TRCs are people who get taught the lessons by missionaries
in training, some are members, some aren't. You get a schedule at the
beginning of each week with who you'll be teaching, where, and for how
long. So D. is of Italian descent, raised as a strong Catholic.
He used to go to mass twice a day. Every day. And I just love him.
More than I can possibly describe. He's really searching and he's
highly analytic. He makes observations not judgments. He lives up in
Provo canyon just down the road from one of President Monson's homes.
He sees him occasionally and always waves, then President Monson
waves back. He's even met President Monson in person a couple of times.
Unfortunately that area is part of the AP's area and the only way to
get that area (which includes BYU and stuff) is to be one of the AP's.
So it may take a while... but gosh dang it I'm gonna teach D.
again if it's the last thing I do. I'm sorry this doesn't really do
him justice... you're just gonna have to wait a couple years until you
can meet him ;P

So yeah. I've talked to Elders Bental and Wiltsie (the current APs)
about him a couple times. It sounds like they're still teaching him.
But I know he's waiting for me ;P. I'm in the Provo West
area, I'm over only 1 stake with just 7 wards. Its actually one of the
smallest areas in the mission. So it's kind of nice to actually be
able to get to know some people. Oh that reminds me, don't let me
forget to tell the Buttars and the Moses' family who I met down here.
Anyway my trainer.... is literally a Polar Bear.

Some people we've met and we're teaching... I put someone on date for
baptism Thursday, my second day in the field in case you didn't catch
that, he's great, but his daughter is even better. She's nine and just
totally full of energy and a desire for the gospel. She was so sad
when she came to church this week and found out the primary program
was next week so she probably couldn't sing in it. She has a great
little voice. I think I'm gonna see if I can't get copies of the music
so she can participate though.

We're also starting to work with C.  He's a champion UFC fighter,
who we have a lesson with then workout with. I seriously couldn't
stand up afterwards. Haha its going to be quite the learning
experience for sure. Also I would just like everybody to know that
in spite of all odds, I actually lost weight in the MTC (despite eating
at least two plates a meal, sometimes three, plus extra stuff) and
have managed to stay stable thus far for the first week of my mission.
Only problem is.... the holidays are coming ;P plus we have two dinner
tomorrow... I'm gonna have to start working hard in the mornings to
keep up with all the food.

The members here are great. My first day in the area we met with
Bishop H. and his family for dinner. That was the best corn chowder
I've ever had. They were awesome and even better.... they had a baby
grand and even better... guess what was on it? That's right the
Garden. Woot! I've actually found several people who know what the
Garden is. Yay Utah. I'm also singing in Bishop H's ward in a couple
weeks because we were talking about music stuff and so our spiritual
thought was a song and it just kinda went from there. I need to choose
a song today actually. We've actually seen a lot of miracles in the
past several days, it's been super cool.

Which again reminds me, we ran into the Dennis's by accident because
we were looking for service opportunities on Saturday and helped them
with their leaves and had some really good talks with brother Dennis.
Then our dinner cancelled on us that night and they had us over for
dinner instead. Turns out Brother Dennis is good friends with Mont
Buttars so if we could get this to him or tell him that'd be great.
Even better though, back when he was Bishop Dennis, he introduced and
later married Eric and Sherry Moses :D So from Brother/Bishop Dennis
to the Buttars and the Moses' families he sends love and regards and
says he misses you all :D

Alright I think that's pretty good... any questions just ask. Or ask
my family or something :P I'll try to answer. It looks like for us
with iPads, our emailing is pretty relaxed on pdays so who knows, I
may be able to respond :P oh yeah and I have an actual address now, if
you want it talk to my mom ;P

Love and stay strong

Elder DeFord

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