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Monday, April 17, 2017

4/17/2017: Week 27 Transfer Weekly. Can you believe it? I've been out 6 months!

Well... I'm staying in Ferron! Woot woot. I love this place. It's
insane but it's great. We had a baptism this weekend for J and it
was fantastic. Then today we took him out with Bishop Weber and showed
him how to rope and stuff. I'll send some videos of him flipping some
calves for the first time.

Anyway this week has been pretty great. Lots of service, and lots of
good people to work with.

Last week we had a nerf war... can't remember if I mentioned that.
Then we're having another today... soonish so who knows how long this
email is gonna be. Last Monday we had our last lesson with J to get
him ready for baptism. He asked me to baptize and Bishop to confirm
him on Sunday. I also promise him last week that I'd get him a
frisbee.. and totally forgot like 4 times... no worries though, I made
it eventually. He's such an awesome kid.

Tuesday there was a 6th grade dance festival that we went to in the
morning to see one of our investigators. That was pretty cool. It
was every school in the county... Cleveland killed it. Breakdancing,
swing dancing... dang. I was very impressed, especially for 6th
graders. Everyone else.... still ok at least... but Cleveland blew
them out of the water. Easy. Ju did well though especially if you
knew where he was before. From there we headed out to Emery and had a
ball. We cleaned out an old shed and tore out about 6 layers of super
old, ridiculously nasty, moldy water logged carpets. We were working
with a former investigator who has been investigating for years off
and on, this week they should become new investigators again. She's
super cool, and very intelligent, I look forward to seeing how our
lessons with her go. It should be a great learning experience on both

Wednesday was more service. We went to the B’s home in Moore(that
tiny little speck, with like 10 people in it) we built a dog kennel
with L who is less active and taught a lesson to her uncle who
is an investigator, albeit a strange one for sure. I love the B’s
though, they're just super down to earth people and they want their
lives to be better so they're doing what they can. We met with S
later that day, and have been able to work with her and her friend who
was also baptized recently. We got asked to help them keep cleaning up
and put their dog kennel, that we moved last week, into place. In the
process we discovered that it was S’s birthday and that her mom
makes incredible ribs...  oh my gosh. As a result we came back every
day for the next four days... what a day. And we ended it all out by
meeting with J and getting his paperwork all ready for his
baptismal interview the next day. It's really been a good week.

Thursday is of course District Training Meeting... probably our
laziest DTM yet... but it was also the last one of the transfer so we
were just ready to be done. This week will be better I swear. Haha but
then we went for a district lunch... that was delightful. And we're
having another one tomorrow... the sisters still don't know about the
oysters. Mm... yum. Then straight from there to J's baptismal
interview... it went smoothly. Then we played frisbee for a
while. J's incredible, for those of you that know me, the Lonney, the
frisbee throw where it spins around my finger, under and around my
arm, then over my arm and in front of my face before launching.
Yeah... took me a couple weeks to learn, he has it almost figured out,
after like an hour. Crazy sauce. It was super windy though so that
was kinda sad. But then we had an inspection, then went and talked
with the T’s. I really hope that we can figure that out... his
daughter basically is ready for baptism, but we would like to teach
him as well... but he spends like 12 days out of 14 in Wyoming. But
he's looking for a job locally... so hopes are high. It was good
though. We just keep having positive interactions then hope that he'll
be ready to listen when the time is right. Then more work at S’s
house... and more food! Delightful. Homemade lava cake. Mm. Oh also
got a new nerf gun from them... now we have a stampede and a Vulcan.
Both of which are currently undergoing modifications by yours truly.
Then another attempt at contacting AF, he's awesome...
just in the middle of having a baby. Gosh dang it. We're gonna get

Then weekly planning... grody. But we survived... then we had a cool
experience. A recent convert from almost a year ago... he's preparing
for a mission so we talked with him about everything he needs for his
mission. That was super cool. He just started his papers. Then we went
to S’s again for more food... and a lesson. We just started
teaching her dad... it should be really good. Then we just talked to
HF for another little while. I don't know if we'll really
start teaching him... but we're gonna try and we'll probably also go
for an adventure with them.

Saturday... baptism yay! I'll send a picture eventually. I haven't
actually gotten one yet from his mom... but it was great. And I got to
baptize him which makes it even better. It was probably one of my best
baptisms yet, they had a bunch of family there and that just mad it
better. We also discovered that one of our Assistant Ward mission
leaders is a former member of the 70. And he took us out to eat. We
ate like 4 times... and then went to S’s again for more food. We
almost exploded. Then we ate more... and went to the B’s again,
and went to Bishop Gardner’s in Emery for dinner. And sang with them.
Now they're gonna have a 100% music sacrament meeting. And I'm staying
so we can do it! Woo hoo. Oh yeah I forgot. We also did a baby
blessing after the baptism. She screamed like a banshee until the
moment we stopped. And then it worked. Awesomeness

Then Easter of course... church. Church. Confirmation. Food... went to
the Be’s for Easter... for like 4 hours. It was fun. Then we had a
lesson with the Je’s newest foster child, G. He seems pretty
cool. We're actually going over there tonight as well. Alright. I'm
done. Life is good. Bye bye ta ta for now

Elder DeFord

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