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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 26: 4/10/2017 This is Gonna Feel Pretty Shrimpy after Last Weeks …

Ok well first let me dump some pictures to catch up. Goblin valley
remember? And other stuff of course...

First of all, sunrise over the power plant. Unfortunately, I didn't notice till too late, it could've been better but this is what you get.

This is the Rochester panel, a series of Petroglyphs near a Ferron. 

And here's Wall-E

This is us and the Castle Dale Elders at the panel. Elder Barnes is the rainbow generating ginger and my companion Elder Baker has mistakenly taken him for a God. 

So he sacrificed me to him

With my own knife no less. Then I was saved by an angel and we found a baby WallE and sacrificed that one instead. So Elder Barnes was appeased.

The district in Goblin Valley. We had called the sisters to invite them to Moab and they had already made plans to come here so we decided to join them. I'm the only one who’s been before so it was quite the adventure. I don't remember if I mentioned this, but Brent was totally in Moab the day before and stayed the night at the wedge over the little Grand Canyon. So we just barely missed him. Dang it.

And my beautiful companion riding a wild Goblin. Doesn't say anything about that in the white handbook does it?

Anywho, that's the pictures, sorry I didn't take too many. I was too busy helping our resident Gimp (Sister Perez) survive the goblins lair.

Anywho again... that was fun. And other cool stuff happened but honestly I just don't remember. So here goes. I hope I didn't miss anything last week. Cuz if I did then it's lost to everyone but the angels taking notes.

Anyway, we were hoping to contact a family in Emery which fell through but J and his family are super solid and we've been meeting with them a couple times a week for quite some time. It's great. We also are having a nerf war next week for Zone activity... but it was gonna be this week. So we went shopping. It was fun. We also had a great lesson with S... and discovered they had an old nerf Vulcan that they've never used. So we've been searching all week for an ammo belt to run it but no dice yet. We traded them a gun for it. So nice. Good times.

Zone Training Meeting was an adventure... the sisters were an hour and a half late... because they were in court. Awkward. I also played a ton of piano to fill the time.

I've been working on modifying my nerf guns in the apartment all last week as well. It's been an adventure. But I've learned lots. Then we met a guy named Herb Flowers. Great name right? Anyway we talked to him and he seems like a super cool guy. He literally moved out to Ferron because he loves adventures and in every direction there is a different terrain type to explore. He also trains goats to carry his packs for him. So cool. Anyway we talked to him about all of the things he believes and he's one of those hyper realistic science religion people... such a fun conversation. He said he was looking for the local car guys because he's into that kind of stuff and he showed us his super rare car... man it was pretty. So we're taking G to go meet him today, his boys are going to be baptized as soon  as they get permission and  is like THE car guy. He has a car he built that's competing for the land speed record in its class. So yeah. Also turns out almost all of Herb’s family are already members so... we have high hopes.

Really the rest of the day was pretty normal... and same with the week... until Stake conference! We literally spent all day on Saturday trying to dig out a homemade cemented dog kennel... and then move it. Yeah. That was an adventure on so so, so many levels. But it was fun and good to do some really hard work. Then we headed straight to Emery to talk with the B’s again. It was a great experience and we got a new investigator in the form of R. What a guy. He'll need some help along the road but he is so ready, and his niece is basically the perfect fellowshipper for him. We also got yelled at but that was totally unrelated.

So we ate dinner and had to head back to Ferron fast for the adult session of conference... because President Hodgman was there! We ended up being late... but we carefully snuck in while he and Sister Hodgman weren't looking. We also had Larry Lawrence of the 70 with us, and he did something very cool and unique. He organized a panel of reactivated, formerly less active, individuals (oddly enough they were all either currently in, or were just released from bishoprics.) It was an incredible experience to hear from each of them. Then the next day... more conference. No President Hodgman though... looking forward to a new week of missionary work and ready to do my best to serve Him in every way I can.

Love you all, and happy Easter!
Elder DeFord

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