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Thursday, May 11, 2017

4/24/2017: Week 28 New District Pday One

So.... imagine I'm doing all of this in an English accent. Cuz I am.
Right now. Like, legitimately. I'm doing it right now. Out loud, as I'm
typing. And... just so’s ya’ know, Elder Baker and I have been talking
like this pretty much nonstop for, like, a week. So, last night, he has a
bowl of ramen, stands up, looks into his bowl, and announces for the
world "A bloody spider just died in my soup" and walked away. Anywho,
legit, we've been like talking this way forever now, and I can't stop. I think I may
have a condition. Yeah. I legit can't stop. It's an addiction.

Well, last week we had a major nerf war with the Zone. Unfortunately, a
bunch of people were cheating and there were some bad feelings afterwards.
We got to the point where we've decided we might have them as a
district but a zone is just too many people, with not enough
accountability. So that was kind of a bummer.

Also Heavenly Father really loves the sisters... we've been plotting
for weeks now to have a district breakfast in which we prepare a
variety of Rocky Mountain oysters, fried, and chopped so they look
like sausages then putting them in scrambled eggs. And of course
telling them afterwards what they were. But, every time we were gonna’
get some oysters we could use, something would happen. Generally, when
you brand calves you castrate them at the same time, same thing if
you're gathering wild cows off the desert. So right around this time
of year lots of people have "buckets of balls" so to speak. But Tate
was gathering off the desert and saving them for us in a bucket of ice
water... and his dog was coming up and eating them out of the bucket.
Then he had a friend who had some... and someone accidentally threw
his away... it just went on and on until they escaped and got
transferred out. We told Sister Perez a few days ago and she said she
would've been fine with it but Sister Bowen maybe not. Anywho...

We also got haircuts... yuck. But I'm getting used to it again. For
those of you who don't know... I hate getting my haircut. It's the
worst. But, then, we had a lesson with the J’s and their foster kids
and watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration. So that was good.

Tuesday was more normal... and more strange. We had a district lunch
at our Senior Couples house. Last minute because our oysters fell
through again, so we had to come up with something fast because we had
already told the sisters we were gonna’ have one. But it was good
anyway. Then we headed to Emery for some contacting and a lesson, we
got to teach E and his Aunt, hopefully we can get X too this
week, that would be really good. For some reason B has decided to
drop us which makes me pretty sad, he's a cool old hermit. After that
though once we ate dinner back in Ferron we got to go do two things...
record the pancake song (which yes I will send) and then I got to have my
first baptismal interview, it was awesome. His name is W and he was
so ready! I got to talk with him all about what brought him to the
church and the influence the people he knew had had on him. It was
really a great experience, I'm grateful that I'm able to be in this
position just so that I can have experiences like that. It was really

The next day we ate with our senior couple again cuz he normally feeds
us on Wednesdays... haha I love them, they're great. Then we talked
with T, a recent convert who's planning on going on a mission
soon, then watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration again with
the L’s and made J sit in and watch it. That was good. Then we
got to go back and see J2 again! I love that kid! He's so cool.

Then we tried to find the B’s... it's one of those awful
situations... live with grandparents, still in custody of dad who
isn't ok with church, kids wanna’ be baptized but can't yet... and then
on top of it all, Grandma has cancer... and we can't meet with them...
then she gets a blood clot. But anyway we tried to contact them... and
finally got a cell number for the grandpa which is progress. But very
frustrating. Then we read BoM Stories with K. Visited the W’s...
saw other people, ya know missionary stuff.

Oh yeah... and we had district meeting... yeah. It was interesting,
new missionaries and all. But then we ate pizza together so that was
good... only then that evening Elder Hagen started vomiting... and
only stopped a few days ago... so he thought it was the pizza because
Elder Carr felt bad too... but it definitely wasn't cuz that night for
dinner we actually ate more pizza from the same place and the rest of
the pizza from earlier... so yeah, forgot about that.

I'm totally still talking in a British accent btw.

Ok then Friday was a very long weekly planning session... barely
survived that one. But then we ate at the grub box which is always
tasty... and then had another lesson with S ... just to go to
dinner and then go to another dinner... luckily the second one had an
investigator family who came. Unfortunately, they have not had good
experiences with missionaries in the past so we
finally got to see them and sort of prove that we're normal people.
That was nice. Hopefully we can start teaching them at some point.

Ok well then Saturday was mostly just finding and looking for people.
Not very exciting. That reminds me though, I gotta txt them. Anywho...
not very exciting. Pretty boring actually. But then we went to church
Sunday and I had my first performance in Ferron. It actually went
really well... but I don't have my mic stand... it got left in Payton
and I've been trying to get it back for over a month now... it's
frustrating. Makes me wanna cry. But oh well. I'm also singing next
week now, and the week after that plus talks next week. Yay. Good
times.but yeah anyway, I'm all done now bye bye, I'll send some funny

Elder DeFord

Castle Dale District cover of The Pancake Song
Original Pancake Song from Waterford, England

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