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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 24: 3/27/2017 Three Week Mailer

Ok sorry for the laxness of the last several emails. Many of you have
been wondering if I'm really alive out here. I promise I am and I'm
doing great.

So to recap some.... we've been working with a girl named S,
she's from a less active family, her older sister was baptized a while
back but hasn't ever really been active. So we've worked with her a
ton over the last couple weeks, getting her ready for baptism. She got
baptized last week, I talked about it a little bit. She actually has a
little sister that just turned 8 so we baptized her at the same time.
Probably the coolest part though, after the baptism and the
confirmations the next day, we got a text from their mom. It basically
said that she had been inactive for 23 years, had had a multitude of
missionaries come and teach them, say lots of things, but never had
she had a desire to come back to church or really have her daughters
learn. But as we worked with S. and her sisters, she has really
truly felt welcomed for the first time in a long time, and same with
the ward. She said she will be at church every week she possibly can.
That was truly miraculous, seeing how the hand of God really changes
people's hearts in His time and theirs.

Aaaaand... I formally apologize... but I totally ran out of time and
got distracted.... so it turns out you'll have to wait another week
for a solid mailer. I'm really sorry about that. I'll start working on
it tonight so it's ready. But a couple highlights... I tried Rocky
Mountain Oysters a few days ago... super good. I actually watched them
get harvested, prepared, and fried... so good. Also gonna harvest some
for the other Elders next week hopefully. Learned to weld. I'll try to
send some videos super fast. Found some new investigators. I'll try to
focus more on the work next week in the mailer... I know it's mostly
been a bunch of cool things I've done, and that's not really the
point. I'm really trying to grow here, and it's been a struggle.
Please understand that in spite of all of the new experiences I'm
having, and how focused I may seem on them, the focus is always the
Lords work, although I may need to refocus some now that I think of
it. Please keep me accountable, it's easy to get distracted out here
in cow country.

I love you all, and I love this Gospel so much, I just need to become
better than I am right now, please keep me in your prayers, you're
definitely in mine. Once again sorry for the brevity. I'll start on
next weeks tonight

Elder DeFord

Rocky Mountain Oysters Frying

Blood on my hands from helping harvest the oysters

Welding Masks 

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