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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 22: 3/12/2017 Transfers

[Mom note: in Michael's new area he has much less access to WiFi, so his opportunity to email will be less as well. He didn't actually send a weekly blogpost. This is a compilation from family emails.]

Haha I love rural Utah,hings here in Ferron are great :)  Very different, and the area is different, but I'm having a blast :) still adjusting but I'm pretty much there by now, it's a really good place, although we have certainly met some interesting people. If I ever get around to a weekly I'll
probably talk about it some.

[With this new transfer, Elder DeFord is a district leader.] Being a district leader is super good  actually, I have a great district, so no complaints there, it's gonna be a blast. I've already had my first District Training Meeting which actually went super well. I feel pretty good about what I'm doing and the direction we're moving in. The area is pretty huge, probably 20-30 minutes across on the highway. Ferron, Clawson, Emery, and Moore. About 2100 people. 5 wards in the Stake.

Our mission car is a Silver Nissan Rogue, it's fun. We can't really get mail... our mail goes to the mission office who sends it to our Stake President's PO box, he then gives it to our High Counselor over Missionary work who gives it to us once a week at Correlation meeting. So you gotta go the slow way if you wanna send anything.

 I've definitely had some adventures. Let ya know later. Let's just say this, I'm super sore, cows are heavy, and I have no broken ribs. Yet ;P

Farewell to Elder Skaggs and the Provo West Stake

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