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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Week 23: 3/20/2017 Probably a Crappy Weekly

Mostly just gonna do pictures and quick like... what happened. Cuz I
hurt. And I need to sleep.

So I talked to all the peeps before I left provo... then I came here.
Friday we roped for the first time. I got stepped on. I was much sore.
We met people and taught them. We're gonna baptize... then we did.
Went to church. Played the piano. Did a special musical number. And
another one. Found out we have 6 hours of Zone conference tomorrow.
And president Interviews the next day. We dug a big hole down in
Ferron. I went to Moore at night and took pictures of their messed up
houses. Had lunch. Had super sketch lessons. We went to a museum that
was super dope, a potential and now new investigator owns it and
showed us around. Then... we got special permission to leave the
mission... and went to the Manti Temple!! That was super cool. Then we
took our car in to get stuff done... then a baptism on Saturday. Cool
stuff. Oh wait that's out of order... what evs. Oh and sweet district
Training Meeting with our ginger being turned into a leprechaun. And
stuff. And then all the roping today. And cool stuff. I'm done. Bye

Elder DeFord

District Training Meeting

Seeing Old Friends

Manti Temple

Manti Temple
Roping Cookies and Cream

Manti Temple

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