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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 20: 2/27/2017 Weekly Mailer Time ... Long Week

So unfortunately... no welding last week... super sad but true. My companion decided that it wasn't safe.... so yeah. We didn't go. But that night we ate with the PiƱas so that was sweet. Almost made up for it. And our shenanigans on Thursday made up for it. But still super sad, and Brother Morris who we were gonna do it with was super sad and bummed... I feel really bad.

Tuesday was pretty good though, we met with C... but unfortunately no temple last week. Hopefully we can still go this week... but we'll see. They moved up their move so they're going crazy packing right now. But then we also had a sweet lesson with C (different person than the first C, lol)... but we're dropping him. Just temporarily but it needs to be done. His wife is suuuper pregnant and really busy... and she wants to do a homebirth, plus they've got other craziness. So we're gonna take a break for a while until we can meet with the whole family, we think that will help C. a lot and their whole family needs it.

Wednesday was exchanges which is always fun. I had a strange experience... so I went with Elder Gallegos, and he had a Chiropractor appointment. We went to the office and he got his back fixed and stuff (he screwed it up royally at Lowes a few weeks ago) I just hung out and watched part of the Book of Life and then Moana later... but then right as we were leaving the chiropractor who was working on him looked at me and said, you should probably come back. He then proceeded to inform me of the fact that because I turn my left foot out my left shoulders rides higher than my right, and he also predicted some pains I get in my lower back sometimes when playing the piano... it was a little spooky. Haha, then he told me it would just get worse and start hurting as I got older if I didn't do anything about it... but he could fix me. Super spooky, weird Sherlock Holmes Chiropractoriness.... after that we went and tutored someone in math... and got to watch part of Zootopia. So I watched parts of three Disney movies on exchanges... it was a good day ;P we also served at the food bank in the morning and stuff. Unfortunately the lesson in my area cancelled... but they rescheduled and it should still happen.

Now Thursday... was a day. A sister in our district is going home in a couple transfer so she had a “my plan” meeting to go to so we held DTM (District Training Meeting) really early to accommodate that... but then we were having a birthday lunch for her at the Porters because her birthday was Friday... so we just studied in between and then went to lunch with everyone else. But this is where everything gets crazy. They had punch balloons... so we stole them all... and shenanigans began. Anyway we all had quite the time messing with the balloons. It was fun. And I got a new leather jacket. Looks like an old flight jacket. Super sweet.
we did more service because of the snow that had come in and then we saw the Gibbons which is always fun. More on that on Saturday.

After that we got to have a dinner with a family we were hoping to start teaching... but unfortunately it seems they are still not interested in returning to church. The parents have been inactive for 30 years and the kids just aren't interested. Super sad. But the food was awesome. And they said we can still come see them occasionally. I hope to stay in touch, the father is super awesome, I'm hoping we can go on adventures after the mission. Then we had a great lesson with F. and put him back on date which was awesome and unexpected.

Ugh Friday... weekly planning. Our weekly planning ended up taking something like 4 hours this time around... painful. But it was good, and then we went and tutored P. for a while and then went back to Great Steak for RIBS!!! Oh man they're fantastic. Then we had a good lesson with the G’s and basically chastised them for not coming to church and told them this was the last chance or we'd have to drop them. It was a rough lesson, but it seemed to help them a lot finally. Of course they didn't come to church, but we've decided to give them one last week. 

Saturday we helped with some moves... specifically for a less active part member family. They provided lunch... and beer. Unfortunately my companion kept a close eye on me so I didn't get to try any... ;P haha jk. But it was fun. Now back to the Gibbons, so he's a musician and he just started playing with a new music group, so we stopped by to hear them play. They were just getting set up so they invited me to join in on the organ. We jammed for a little while and I tried to keep up... I'm not sure how good it was but it was fun. We're gonna go back this week again and jam some more then hopefully go to lunch with the group. Then we headed right back to help move people some more. We really spent like all day moving. But it was good. Nothing too exciting after that just trying to talk to people.

Sunday was a Sunday. We went to church like normal, D. came which was awesome. We also set up an interview with the bishop for their family so that they could progress. Other than church though... pretty tame day. Just visited some people and did some stuff. Ya know, the norm. Alright I'm tired of writing, see ya.

Love all you peeps

Elder DeFord
New Leather Jacket

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