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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 19: 2/20/2017 It's That Time Again

So, yes, Zone activity at the fight club... I'll send a video, basically the highlight of the whole thing ;P but that was the fun part of the day, it kind of took over the whole day though ‘cuz it was busy when we got there and we had so many people we had to do two separate groups. But in other news, I won my group, so that was fun. The rest of Monday wasn't all that exciting though, I did play spike ball for the first time which was pretty cool. And we ate with Brent which is always an adventure.

Tuesday was actually super good, we got to see C, I feel so much better now that we can meet with her every week again. And even better... she's going to the temple tomorrow! Woohoo! After that we spent most of the day finding and stuff. We did have a lesson scheduled but it canceled... figures :P we also got to contact some new people though which was awesome. And we got to go see them just a few days later. And we got to meet with a family that everyone has said were not interested at all... and it was awesome. I have really high hopes for them. It's gonna be super cool. We're actually eating dinner with them in a few days. Yum!

We spent all of Wednesday morning either doing service or looking for service... we found a few options... but we needed to get permission for all of them... so we had to wait again. But then we got to meet with a new family for the first time... super cool. He sells Chameleons online for a living, so his whole house feels like a lizard cage and he has lots of cages and different varieties... super cool. I'll post some picture. But yeah we got to hold some of them, and talk with them, they also work with a group called Life Leadership which sounds kind of cool. They gave me some materials I'm gonna send home since I can't use them know but it looked interesting.

We got an interesting call Thursday morning... Brother Hammon from the 2nd Ward called to ask if we would be interested in a musical number in their ward that Sunday... which of course we said yes... so we needed to figure some stuff out fast. So we popped over to D's house and got some music then spent the morning figuring out what we were gonna do. It was kind of fun. We decided to do He Sent His Son, Sally's arrangement, which, fun fact, was the very first song I ever performed in a sacrament  meeting. And ya know what's cool.. the other song I was gonna perform on Sunday for another ward was I Have Not Seen, Yet I Believe... the second song I'd ever performed in sacrament meeting. Talk about nostalgia. And even better... I think I was singing for a farewell or something... or maybe a homecoming... anyway. Food bank service and another lesson with a family... hopefully they decide to meet with us. If anyone could use prayers, please pray for the Ms, that they'll decide that they want to listen to our message when we see them on Thursday.

Friday is my favorite day! Ya know why? President Interviews! I love President so much... he's really the most inspired guy on the planet. Like... sorry all you other missionaries who thought your mission
President was cool... mine tops you all. I'm so grateful and so blessed by the opportunity:) and I love Interviews. They just feel good. But anyway that took a lot of the morning. Then we had weekly
planning and then went out to lunch with a member... and had more weekly planning and a lesson... which cancelled so more weekly planning... it was a long day.... but good :) and dinner is always
good so no worries there. We had this delicious homemade Stromboli... ooo good stuff.

Luckily we survived the Friday stuff... and almost didn't survive Saturday. We've been working on our song off and on but we decided that accompanists were too hard to get in such short notice which
means I was gonna play... which means I need a mic. So we spent most of Saturday morning trying to track down a mic stand that would work for a piano... ugh. People were not being cooperative to say the least. Eventually we gave up and decided to go do missionary work... which was actually super good. The mission is focusing on chapter 4 of PMG this month... which is all about following the spirit and stuff... we got to apply that a lot. Basically whenever we ran out of people or plans or ideas... pray time. One experience in particular was super cool, although similar things really happened throughout the day. For instance yesterday we were driving and I felt prompted to visit a particular person as we went to where we had already been directed by the Lord. It was good and we managed to talk to him and set something up. Then as we left we had to drive by another investigator we had planned to see today, and I felt like we should wait which I thought was weird. But we went on to what we planned... then I got a very distinct impression to visit him after all.... which required driving and back tracking a ton... I wondered why on earth I was prompted to see him now and not earlier... especially when they didn't answer the door. But then as we left again we prayed and Elder Skaggs led us to a door of a lady who said she was interested, and turned out to be the aunt of the people we had met earlier... who then happened to drive by and she said she would come to their lesson. Wow. It was pretty incredible to say the least. Life is good as a missionary. We also got to see another family a similar way... who I've been waiting and waiting to progress. I hope they do although I may be gone by then :( but I just want them to grow. But we also got to skype in to a baptism in vernal which was cool.

Sunday... oh lovely Sunday... so two songs... our recent converts M and V blessed their son D in sacrament meeting and we got to participate... super cool. Haha he would not hold still though... not
even a little bit. But it was fun. Then I sang in another ward... then we sang together in another another ward... and the we finally had a normal sacrament.... meeting with a High Priest Group Leader, a few visits, a sort of lesson with some people we taught a couple weeks ago... it was really good but we're dropping them for now until they're really ready to progress. It's one of those sad things where I know they will progress and they'll come to Christ... but not yet :( we had member with us though... who turns out to run a studio... which is attached to the back end of his house... so beautiful. We got to tour it... oh my goodness. Just gorgeous, all of it. I wish I had taken pictures. Turns out we should have asked him for a mic stand... it was even his ward we sang in... but whatevs I guess. Dinner, lesson, then dinner lesson.... it was a good night. :) and there's the week.

Hope life is still good for everyone at home. Oh yeah, we also met this lady from Spain... super super cool.

Anywho, love ya,
Elder DeFord


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