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Sunday, August 6, 2017

7/31/2017: Week 42 Pday is Longer Than When I Started, But Then it Disappears

When I entered the mission preparation day didn't start until 10 (or was it 10:30... how can I not remember that?) oh well, but now, due to the changes in January, Preparation day begins at 8. So two extra hours for doing whatever you want.... and yet.... it seems like I have less time than I did before. It's not very often that I actually don't plan on emailing... the time always just disappears. So sorry about that, let's do some catching up.

So last email I mentioned that Monday two weeks ago we went blacksmithing right? So that wasn't too crazy, we just watched Vaughn do it and asked tons of questions and turned the crank to keep the fire hot. I learned a lot even then. This week on the other hand... we got to finish the project he started. He calls them feather hooks, they're like hooks to hang coats or hats on. He made the feather the first week. Then when we came back last week, we forged the actual hooks and put the scroll in the end and everything... and I got two giant blisters, one on my thumb and one on my palm, but he didn't have to help me, I did it all on my own :D so that was fun. Other than that, those p days were pretty straightforward, we just shopped and did other stuff...

Tuesday. So Tuesday was pretty good two weeks ago. We had lessons with both S. and A.. S was still getting ready to be baptized, and A was progressing. We went for a meeting with Bishop Oakeson and that went really well. We took some cookies from the Oakesons to Kaylee Morris for her family.... although later when we asked her husband had no idea what we were talking about so I think she ate them ;P Unfortunately we were supposed to have a lesson which got canceled so they was a bummer but you win some and you lose some.

Wednesday is sing at the nursing home day, that's always one of my favorites. This one was kind of special, after singing for about an hour or so, Donna, the Activities director, asked us to sing for a
woman who was actively dying. So we went in with another lady and sang some hymns for her and tried to bring her some peace. Wednesday was also our final meeting with the L’s, they're really very nice, and great to have an intellectual conversation with, but have no desire to change their ways or try out anything else. So we'll probably come by and visit occasionally but they haven't chosen to accept the message. It makes me sad, but that's their choice. Then we did some other contacting that day, but the people we found weren't too interested, although I think we left good impressions on all the people we did contact. And we got a phone number for a guy we've been trying to find forever.... and nothing. Bad number. Dang it :P

Thursday is district training meeting as usual, and that was fine. Then we went searching for Z’s, but we still haven't been able to find them unfortunately. Then we had to head home to prep S for her interview in just a little while. The interview went great, we got all the paperwork filled out and she was ready. We got the font set up. We got her a jumpsuit that fit. All that good stuff. She is so excited. I'm actually not sure what we did after that. That was pretty much the highlight :P

Friday... was an interesting mix. So it's weekly planning which is always a little bit awful. Then Elder Shepston had to Skype into a wedding at the same time we had a lesson, so we had to go take care of
that, I went with one of our Ward Mission Leaders, he stayed with Brother Stressing, and our lesson cancelled. I think I mentioned it last time, a woman at church said she wanted to get baptized. We set
up a lesson... they weren't there. So brother Snow and I went contacting and things actually went really well. Then I was performing at the care center again, a woman who works there was putting on a program, she was going to sing a bunch of older songs, and they asked me to play for her. So the whole last week was lots of practicing. But it went really well. And then we went and sang for the woman who was dying again, a very special experience. But then our other lesson for the day cancelled. But we had a dinner with a family with one member who was baptized at 8 and never went to church, and three nonmembers. But the ironic thing is.... we had to leave without a message or a lesson because we had another lesson … which cancelled. Grrr... can't win. But still good. Just an odd day.

Saturday was lots of fun, it was the 24th of July celebration in Emery, so we went down there for that, had breakfast, watched a little program, got pelted with water balloons at the parade then headed back
to Ferron to fill the font for S's baptism. It was wonderful. I sang If the Savior Stood Beside Me. The talks were just awesome. When she came up out of the water, she clapped her hands together and hopped up and down saying "I'm baptized, I'm baptized" it was a wonderful experience. She is just so genuine. The baptism was fabulous as I'm sure you can tell. Then we changed and ate and actually headed back to Emery. I got a short voice lesson then we were out to the festivities, having dinner, watching the annual softball games. It was a lot of fun. Rick managed to tear his Achilles' tendon but he was the only injury I think. Haha and he didn't even want to play. But that was certainly a great day.

Nothing crazy to report Sunday, there was a gathering down in Emery we went to after dinner for Riata Christiansen. She was coming home after three weeks of competing in the national Rodeo Queen competition, she took 6th overall, out 46 national contestants. Everyone was just there to support her, she had been really hoping and working for the top three, so she was pretty disappointed.

So as I already mentioned Monday again was blacksmithing, no change there. Tuesday this week was a little more interesting not really in a good way.. Zone Conference all morning... we were on route to be half an hour early, but there was a massive wreck just before we got there and it held us up so long, we ended up being 15 minutes late instead. Then we found out just a couple days ago... the boy in the wreck is the nephew of the Nelsons, he's dying, the right half of his brain is already gone, and the wreck was a year to the day after their son died. Prayers and fasting would be greatly appreciated for them.

Wednesday was exchanges, I went with Elder Giwagiw, what a blast. We sang at the nursing home and made plans for a giant snake robot. No one is allowed to say anything to any of the elders in the mission though, it's out secret. Our code word is the girl back home. Haha I think this robot may become my life's goal after my mission, its intense.

Thursday was lots of finding... or at least attempted finding... no one has been home when we knock for days now. So that's pretty frustrating, but no district training meeting this week so that was pretty nice. And we did get to see Joe and chat with him for a while which was good, we're gonna try to visit him soon and teach an actual lesson. We also saw J. and I. and got started on their paperwork
for baptism, exciting stuff!

Friday... classic. Weekly planning and more non finding. I swear, everyone in Ferron is hibernating or something. It's ridiculous. Saturday more of the same. We spent the morning planning for Sunday lessons. Then went visiting people in Ferron. Nope. Visited the Sundstroms in Emery, they were home and doing tons better so we're gonna teach them next week too. That was a super great pick up for the day. Then voice lesson, more attempted finding. Dinner, then that's when we found out about the Nelsons... so we headed over there to see what we could do to help.

Sunday.... now that was a day. As I'm sure most of you know, it was a fifth Sunday which normally means a combined 3rd hour. We were set up to teach the 5th Sunday 3rd hour lessons in three different wards. They started at 9 10 11. So the lessons were at 11 12 1. And each one is 15 minutes away from the others. We went from MILLSITE in Ferron, straight to Emery, and back to Ferron for Dutch flat. We didn't even get through everything. We were talking about member missionary work and what it really means. The lessons all went super good so again, prayers for explosions and fire would be appreciated. After that kind of a day, and after Correlation meeting we just went home and tanked. Major decompression time. We still got to go with the Jenkins in the evening though. I'm currently in the middle of telling the story of Moses, it's been fun :)

Anywho life is good, but so are prayers ;P

Have a great day, have a great week, have a great life.

Elder DeFord

Picture time!

We haz cat


S’s Baptism

So the story here... that's a really low beam, people hit their heads in it all the time. So Vaughn put the duck there to remind them to duck.... but his son in law still kept hitting it... so he put up the panties... and he hasn't hit it since!

This is my hook that I made

And now Blacksmithing Videos

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