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Sunday, August 6, 2017

7/18/2017: Week 40 Weekly Weekly Weekly ... Only 65 To Go

That's a scary thought huh? In a couple days I will have been out on my mission for 40 weeks. 9 or 10 months out of 24 doesn't seem like very much... 14 or 15 left. And I guess 40 out of 104 or 105 doesn't seem like that much either... but 40 down and 65 to go? Where has the time gone? At the end of this transfer I will have been out 10 ½ months, I will be just beginning my 8th transfer, and I still only have two areas. The wonderful Provo West Stake where I served for 3 transfers and loved the people, and my little town of Ferron (and Emery, Clawson and Moore of course ;P) for 4 transfers, where I loved everything and everyone. And who knows what might happen next transfer. To be fair... it's pretty highly unlikely that I'll stay another transfer... but I'll keep praying. But just one transfer short of half way... half my mission is over. I'm glad I get to be where I am though, I'd be ok with staying another couple transfers even, I love this place and these people. Haha it'll be interesting to see what the second half of my mission looks like though. I could end up serving in just 4 areas. Or 5. Or if I got transferred every transfer for the rest of my mission I could have 12 areas. Who knows. My current companion has been out for 20 months and this is his 9th area. All I know if that the Lord has a plan for me and if he wants me to go somewhere then I'm going to go. Just putting my two cents in... I wouldn't mind staying.

Anywho, enough about that, my new compaƱero is Elder Shepston. As I said, he's been out 20 months and is pretty experienced. And tall. Again. I've literally never had a companion the same height or shorter than me. I haven't even had one under 6 foot. Oh well. It is what it is I guess ;P

Ferron is good. Ferron is so good. It seems to just get better and better. Last week in preparation day, as you could probably tell, we went roping and steer wrestling again... and I got whooped by a couple cows. But that's ok. It was fun :) haha still have bruises though. Tuesday was pretty much just Elder Bayless packing for home so not too exciting. Wednesday we got up early and headed for Provo. I got to
meet one of Elder Bayless sisters who came to see him before he left Utah, she lives somewhere up north I think, with her husband and two little babies. So that was kinda fun and then off he went and off I went with Elder Shepston. We stopped for a free smoothie (shhh that's a secret) and then headed home down the canyon. We went food shopping for the transfer and got paid for by a wonderful lady. Then we got free lunch at the Cowboys Kitchen, again, wonderful. Then headed home for Elder Shepston's first view of Ferron. Luckily he was actually in Goshen last transfer (tiny little town near Santaquin) so he's used to small, Ferron is actually a step up. He's of the opinion he'll die here, just a couple more transfers, but I guess we'll see.

Thursday was our first District Training Meeting with our new district. The Huntington Sisters got white washed with English speaking sisters, Sister Brown and Sister Schank. And Elder Hansen got transferred out to be a Zone leader so we got Elder Giwagiw. Anyway after that adventure we went out to the Ferron UFO landing site to meet Vaughn Reid and his wife. They both ended up being members, but they gave us a referral for another man who lives nearby. After giving us a tour of their little exhibit and all of the cool stuff. Sorry no pictures... oops. Haha I'll get some next time we see them. Turns out he's a blacksmith as well and he said he'd show us how so that'll be a fun adventure too. After that it was just catching up on all the things and people that the last couple weeks have kinda screwed up with everything that's going on.

Friday was weekly planning which is always interesting when you have a new companion cuz they don't know anything about anyone or anything in the area. But we got to go to the senior citizen center and sing for lunch again, we haven't gotten to for like a month. But now we finally get to go back. Mostly we were trying to get around and have Elder Shepston meet all the Ward Mission Leaders and Bishops which we finally managed to do.

Saturday we had lunch with the S’s, met with the L’s. And then had a lesson with S and started getting her ready for baptism. Then off to Emery for some tasty din-din, and talking to Brother Dalton, again, not terribly exciting, but fun. I love that family. Sunday was another good day, went to MILLSITE Ward where they had a farewell, talked to bishop some, then headed to Dutch Flat to see S, J and I. Then we headed for a lunch meeting with the Whittles, and then came back for Correlation meeting, then out to the Property with J and I. where we told Bibles stories and things around a campfire. It was a good day.

Then today we had our first training in Blacksmithery... again... no pictures, I'll send them next week. Anywho, gotta run, see ya in 7 days ;P

Have a great day, have a great week, have a great life.

Elder DeFord

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