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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 2: October 25, 2016

Okay. Lets try this again. This is really my first email, I'll try to actually write things this time :P So.... where to start. Ok yeah... I definitely didn't tell you anything... but I also dont hardly remember the last to weeks. So yeah. I think I'm just gonna start listing things that happened in no particular order and we'll see what happens.

So like I said, I gave my first blessing last week. My companion, Elder Kunzler, has a muscle imbalance in his knees that causes issues and leading up to his mission things kept getting in the way of him getting a blessing and he never felt right about having anyone do it until... we had a really powerful experience on... whatever night that was and afterwards he asked my to do it. Wow... Haha I would love to give blessings everyday if I could, the spirit is really so powerful and love and light just flows in a direct line from God through you to whoever you're blessing. Its truly beautiful

I officially suck at journaling... I did a page or two every day... for the first couple days. I'm now like a week and a half behind. Too much stuff happens. Elder brown has already written 55+ pages and he's still a day behind I think.

My companion and I have also been called as the Zone Leaders which has been a good learning experience and interesting in a lot of ways. We also get a phone... that can literally only call one number and can only becalled by that same number. But still, its a phone.

We've also committed two people to baptism, Adam will be baptized on Nov 5th and Theo will be baptized on Nov 12th. Assuming they aren't already members anyway. They do this thing called the TRC, Teaching Resouces Center. Basically you're assigned 'investigators' to teach for a certain amount of time on different days. Supposedly some of them are actually investigators, mostly they're converts who just act as investigators. But you're not allowed to know whether they are or not. I have to admit, I really hope Theo is real. Dominic is one of our new ones for this week, and I love him so much. He's just incredibly awesome and has the best whistle of all time. 

Got to play frisbee last week.... oh that felt good. Hopefully I'll play today too. Temple today... Elder Kunzler really wants to do a sealing but... we'll see. WE can only act as sons so it's a little weird. But I've also never done one before so it will be a good experience.

So I auditioned and will get to perform Savior Redeemer of My Soul in the new missionary meeting tomorrow (We would've done it for the campus wide devotional, but Elder Browns twin brother comes in tomorrow so we made a special request). Surprisingly there hasn't been much freaking out because of Sally, although the MTC presidencies wives (who make up the music council) were suitably impressed. Haha it has been kind of nice to fly under the radar though.

Ok running out of time again... And I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of important things but my branch presidency is awesome. Hahah I dunno, I guess if you have any specific questions just ask :P

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